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Reviewed in India on 17 July 2019
You could rattle the stars.
You could do anything, if only you dared.
Celaena Sardothien is the most infamous assassin who works for Arobynn in Adarlan. She gets caught and becomes a slave before Prince Dorian selects her as his candidate for a competition where the winner becomes the King's Champion. This person will be responsible for doing all the King's dirty work while he keeps his nose clean. If she wins, she has to work for the King for 4 years, after which she gains her freedom.
Captain Chaol Westfall helps her in her training because she has become weak from working in the mines.
She uses the alias, Lillian Gordaina, because her true identity should remain a secret. She becomes close friends with Princess Nehemia, who teaches her an ancient language.
During the course of the book we are told few details of her past; her parents were murdered when she was 8 and shes been living with Arnobyn ever since.
As the competition progresses, contestants start to die by an unknown entity. To learn what is happening in the King's castle, Calaena needs to dig deep and uncover secrets that were hidden long ago.
If you've not started reading this series yet, I suggest you do.
With a strong female lead and a plot that keeps you begging for more, this book is every YA Fantasy reader's dream read.
She is seen as self-centered and arragont, but those are the qualities that make her a great character because, underneath all that, she's just a girl. A girl who loves to dress up and falls in love.
If you give Calaena a chance -NOT the book, but CALAENA- you'll learn to love it even if you think you won't.
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