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15 February 2018
This is my second set. Got first one at 990 but got best deal at 495 for second set. The brand speaks for itself. Both the products are really good.

Procedure :
1. Heat up the chain by riding the bike for some time.
2. Spray Motul Chain clean C1 on the chain. Make sure you spray it on the side where it is connected to the sprocket, basically the inner side of the chain because that is the part in contact with sprocket. After spraying cleaning liquid, run the bike on mainstand for a few minutes.
3. You can use chain cleaning brush to remove the dirt n grease. I would recommend using a piece of cloth as well to cleanly rub off the dirt.
4. Next spray Motul Chain lube C2. Again spray this on the inner side of chain. Make sure you spray the required amount, spraying excess would attract dirt in future. I would recommend you do this and leave the bike overnight so that the lube penetrates well.
5. Wipe off excess lube with a piece of cloth

PS- I would recommend it every 500kms, especially for open chain bikes.
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