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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 16 September 2018
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Book Name- The Gift

Author– Sourabh Mukherjee

Pages– 28 pages

Price– ₹ 29.50 ( Kindle copy )

"Detailed observations of human behaviour and the complexity of human relationships..." - The Hindu
After his bitter break-up with girlfriend Ishika, Aarav heads for his ancestral house in Mussoorie to get over his grief and to finish the novel he is working on. He meets Kishan, a child who has strayed into the house and spends his nights in the dusty, dark attic, scavenging through old books and toys that once belonged to Aarav and his cousins. Aarav finds his uncle’s diary, which chronicles a heart-warming love story unfolding in that house. What life-changing family secret does Aarav uncover?

Review -

" The Gift " by Sourabh Mukherjee is the 1st book of the “It’s all about Love series". The theme of the book is enough to hook my attention towards the novel as I am a romantic fiction lover.

With a great message and emotional touch, the story of the book is short and simple. The protagonist of the story is Aarav who is a writer.
The story starts with a surprise news that Aarav's live-in girlfriend is pregnant. He gets anxious, he thinks he isn’t ready to take this responsibility and says something that upsets her and she decides to leave the house immediately. In the same week the deadline to submit the draft of his novel to the publishers is due. With so many things happening in his life,he decides to visit his ancestral ( Suraj Bhatia uncle’s ) house in Mussoorie where he could unwind and finish his novel and also get a clearer perspective towards his relationship.

What happened next in the story ? What happened further when Aarav reached to his ancestral's house ? Did the misunderstanding / problems between two live-in partners gets clear ? Well to know all the answers af these questions just go and buy the copy of this wonderful story and be the part of the It’s all about Love series. I dont want to ruin the feel of the story.

The title "The Gift " is simple and not so catchy yet it completely justifies with the story..
On the other hand the cover page of the book is a eye catching and also it depicts the main plots of the book and the text ' It's all about love series ' on the front side gives hints to the reader that the story is about love.

Language of the book is lucid , simple and easy to understand. Characterization of the story built so well.

Book Title: 3.5/5
Book Cover: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Narration: 4/5
Language & Grammar: 4/5
Final Rating: 4/5

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.I would personally recommend this book to all the book lovers,romantic fiction lovers and specially those who believe in love . Eagerly waiting for the next book on this series..

Thank you. ✌️😊
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