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17 September 2018
Would you believe if I say that I ordered this 4 times and for what? Because every time, either this or that is broken or not supplied (yes in the final-time, I got the product with one of the leg-bases missing). In the other 3-units; the gasket was broken, height adjuster and one of the leg-locks with it.

In the final unit I had to receive the broken piece and use it anyway because my better Manfrotto tripod was broken and I had no choice since the trip was on the very next day. Yes I've been dealing with this shiz for a month and they never got it right. Returned home after the replacement so I couldn't replace it either. Now I'm stuck with this and what's even worse, the locks and dials are already making weird noises and getting stuck sometimes. Would *not* recommend it to any extent, better save your money and get a Manfrotto :)
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