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18 August 2018
For those who don’t know what does virgin coconut oil mean?
The answer is virgin coconut oil is traditionally made from fresh milk of coconut , method of extraction of oil is similar to desi ghee.But now a days it is made from cold press technique.

While normal/regular coconut oil
made from copra (dried coconut ). Regular coconut also have two types unrefined and refined .

Virgin coconut oil generally have more antioxidants than regular coconut oil . Virgin coconut oil has also not been exposed to any chemicals or bleach that are necessary in the refining process of regular coconut oil.that means virgin coconut oil always been unrefined .

As far as I am concerned this is the best virgin coconut oil available in India has mild heavenly fragrance of fresh coconut 🥥.....
This is best body moisturiser , it is more effective than jojoba oil ...
Take one spoon of coconut oil daily for better nerve system .(and avoid other saturated fat ).Some studies/researches claims that virgin coconut oil have many properties as found in mother's milk.
Earlier I had been using klf Nirmal virgin coconut oil ...but most of the time that was not available on Amazon so I have shifted to max care and believe me it is better than klf Nirmal ...
I 💗 🥥!!!

Tip - don’t buy more than 4-6 months stock in one go because fresh is always best.

Highly recommended!!
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