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Reviewed in India on 1 September 2020
There's currently little to no option for anyone looking to buy large capacity hard drives and this is one (and only?) of them. For Rs.9500/- it is a terrible option. Keep a few important things in mind-

1. Top write speed averages about 35MB/s. My 3-4 year old hard drives give better results than this. I have transferred a wide variety of files .zip, .bin, .iso, etc and at no point has speed reached even 41MB/s. And this is only with large 1GB+ files. Smaller files have slower write speeds. It is NO GOOD FOR FREQUENT BACKUPS. CrystalDisk shows SEQUENTIAL WRITE SPEEDS <45MBps for both partitions.

2. Formatting is exFAT! I mean who in their right mind would format a 5TB hard disk as exFAT. It is a legacy file system that is terrible for backups. Plus about 300MB is taken up by a bootable EFI partition that serves no use for just making backups. So if you want to use it my opinion is format to NTFS. (Quick format will only take few minutes but non-quick format took my PC 2 days!)

3. Storage is about 4.6TB. Apparently new measurement system means 1GB=1000MB, 1TB=1000GB and so on. By that measure, yes it is about 5TB but for practical purposes, it's 4.6TB (and that's only after you remove the EFI partition)
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