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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 30 August 2022
A wise man is a story of an encounter between a girl named Naina who is in a hurry to complete the novel and Sammy, a wise man who is a billionaire and a travel enthusiast. Naina doesn’t know what to pen down as she is clueless. It's not that she is new in this industry rather she has written three books in her life but sometimes we get clueless and all that we search for is a push or a motivation at that moment.

In this atmosphere full of pressure and tension, Sammy turns out as an angel for her as he gave his diary to her which has twelve stories.
These tales have Sammy’s life journey and the lessons he learnt from his life.

Let's see what happens next in the story….
To know more you need to grab the book.

The author has done a fantastic job by writing such a motivational and powerful book. This is my fourth novel by the same author and trusts me she never disappoints me. The book having those twelve tales sounds very less but is extremely energetic. After ending the book, I reread those parts that I highlighted in this book because they are so motivating. And yes, I liked Sammy and his teachings mentioned in the book

It is a very thought-provoking book.

The writing style is very simple and the language used is easy to read and understand. Everything is beautiful in the book except a few learning which might be relatable to others but I wasn’t able to. It took me three days to end the book and I was very much satisfied after reading it.

Altogether it's a good read and highly recommended to those who are in search of a good help book or want some positive vibes.
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