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Reviewed in India on 24 January 2020
Being afraid of the Sirius Black (an escaped convict from Azkaban prison) the Dursley's were treating Harry much nicely this summer. Weasley's came to pick Harry up for the Quidditch World Cup finals with a bang, but their fun was washed up by the return of Death eaters- supporters of the Dark Lord. Harry then finds out that a tournament is going to held at Hogwarts in which children below 17 are barred to enter. It'll be a tournament like no other anyone has ever seen, which will test champions' magical prowess, courage, intellect, knowledge and ability to cope with danger. With the knack for trouble, would the-boy-who-lived be able to stay away from trouble or would he find himself again in the midst of it all?

The fourth book in The Harry Potter Universe contains so many new spells and charms as well as awesome new characters along with a few magical creatures. The writing is as always so neat and easier to fathom. This book provides the much needed backstory of one of the most heinous villain ever. The plot is plain and simple but the twist at the end is what makes this a splendid read. I loved all the new characters and their development is superbly done. Voldemort just gave it a more darker touch than the first three books. How Voldemort instill fear in the hearts of Death Eaters is one of my most appreciated moment of the book. I loved how different schools came together to participate in the competition, it may prove to be a big turning point in the later books to counter against the dark lord's army. I would love to read about these guys again. The only thing i disliked is that sometimes the book pacing was getting slow. Also i was really looking forward to the maze trial but it was over in an instant. Apart from that, i loved the book. Do pick this series if you haven't already. 😊🙏
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