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Reviewed in India on 6 February 2021
1. It's a fun insight into SEAL ops, the level of detail that is focused on, and the kind of risks they take
2. Easy to read

1. As far as business knowledge goes, it is just extremely basic common sense. The useful business knowledge portion of this book could have been summed up in 2 lines. "Take ownership of your actions, work as a team, and try and assist others to succeed, so you can also succeed".
2. In many instances, it seems the authors are desperately trying to fit their experiences into a business takeaway. The stretch sometimes is too much.

Had this been just a book on SEAL ops, it would have been a fun read. The contorted twists into trying to accommodate lessons from the battlefield into business takeaways detract from the book. And the business scenarios laid out, where they merely give advice seems rather superficial and shallow.
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4.8 out of 5
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