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10 December 2019
The book has a pretty strong plot. But the language makes me want to kill.
I bought the book for my 8 year old neice and she keeps coming back to me to ask the meaning of words like 'mousetastic' and 'fabumouse'.

These kids are just starting to learn the meaning of words like 'fantastic' and 'fabulous'. Why confuse them with this made up language? I'm all for learning new words but the child should be either able to understand the meaning from context or be able to look it up in a dictionary.
The prose of this book is chock full of senseless words like these. The two words above were on the same page!
I bought these books because I wanted her to move up to chapter books and she wanted illustrated chapter books, so here I am.
Yesterday, she finally told me that she was ready to move on to other books, after I spent a quarter of an hour explaining to her what the above words meant in context and why they weren't actual words.
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