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Reviewed in India on 15 February 2021
The Crux:🔖🌊
This story is all about Roshan, Soha and Anuj. It a heart melting bonding story of a love between father and son. How they tackle and handles their problems is the story.
Roshan : A man who fell in love with Soha who is her childhood classmate. He did not think the differences in their religion would cost him in a big way.
Anuj : Roshan and Manisha's son, Who lost a valuable one at a wrong age. He understands his father's feelings for Soha, but does not support their union as he hates Muslims. He is having a best friend Gagan who helps him in every situation.
Soha : A leading gynecologist in Delhi. She wanted to establish her clinic, so she gave up everything to achieve big in that. When Roshan married Manisha after he failed to convince his father, So Soha moved on with her life without marrying anyone.
My 2 Cents:💈⛲💈
The plot is crafted very beautifully and well narrated. The story is fast paced which grips the readers till the very end. The characters are very strong and we'll developed. Personally I love the characters of Anuj and Manisha as her was very supportive and lovable. Somewhere I felt Soha never tried anything to convince her father to get married with Roshan. The story also explores the sensitive topic of caste, religion, remarriage. Overall, I adore this read and cherish. Highly recommending this amazing read to all.
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4.5 out of 5
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