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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 6 March 2021
Why read this book? –
1. Helps you improve your productivity.
2. Tells you how to procrastinate effectively.
3. Explains how to be effectively entertained.
4. Acts as a great supplement to Cal Newport’s “DEEPWORK”.
The long version -
I picked up this wondering how it could provide me with more information that 'Deepwork' by Cal Newport, already hadn't. Well, I was wrong. Both the books may seem similar as they deal with focused work but, they're two completely different books, in fact they both complement each other in a very positive way.

There are some aspects, about 10%, about this book which I found are alike to Deepwork, but the rest of the book is very different. It picks up on the work of deepwork and expands it and provides simple systems for improving your productivity.

This book has various systems to improve productivity, to ascertain the importance of a task, and a very clever way to deal with distractions. The final chapters were very interesting as they talked about how to procrastinate effectively. The way we choose to be entertained also affects our productivity.

What's new in this book, is the principle of "Scatterfocus".
It explains the way to be creative and also enjoy 'Hyperfocused' work. I've come across this topic in "A mind for numbers" by Barbara Oakley. But that topic is expanded here. The book discusses about how we need both hyperfocus and scatterfocus to feel and be productive. The book also talks about how to be productive while being distracted.

There are quite a few studies mentioned, but they are not too many, just enough to make a valid point. The book describes various steps to up your productivity game and discusses how you should effectively spend your free time. It talks about how to procrastinate productively, a topic which is quite good to read about, as I'm the kind of a person who procrastinates a lot.

All in all, this book serves as a great supplement to "Deepwork" by Cal Newport. If you want to 10x your productivity game and focus, get these two books. That's all you need to be a focused “productivist”.
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