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Reviewed in India on 28 May 2017
I just received mine and here are my immediate observations and the star rating is based on that.

the good parts

- build looks sturdy
- plug looks and works great with standard sockets.
- available sockets are good and work with all 2-pin and 3-pin plugs I've been using (as far as size and compatibility of these sockets is concerned, I found it at par with the high quality Belkin surge protectors)
- the USB ports are working fine and worked with my standard USB cables without any issues. I am getting an average of about 500 mA out of each socket over a period of about last 1 hour. (checked with Ampere app on android -- my old cables may be causing losses, so I can't say that's what it actually delivers.)

the bad parts

- As soon as it was connected to power it started emitting a mild but very annoying hissing sound; with or without load. I've checked that it's not overheating with one laptop and one tablet connected for charging.
- The bill copy that I received is unreadable. the print on it is wiped out as it would on a fax or ATM receipt after a couple of weeks of printing. That doesn't sound too dependable.

I am just hoping the mild hissing sound it's making is not a sign of some imminent failure in which case I'd have to request a return and they might possibly hassle me for the nonsense unreadable invoice they have sent me.

EDIT: After about 2.5 months of use with the usual load (a 15" laptop and couple of Android phones charging regularly), this thing just burnt out. the plug is non-removable, it just got super hot which I realized only after I found it completely dysfunctional. There were no visible sparks, fire, or darkened plug points, so I am guessing something probably burnt out inside the plug that's irreparable (no way to open it). It's a shame, I liked it for the convenience. I would recommend against this product at its current price-point because they have apparently bumped up the price since I bought it.
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