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Reviewed in India on 17 August 2021
Every time I write a book review, I try to put in what I love the most about the story, the characters, the writing, etc. But sometimes, I face a very interesting dilemma - when I love everything about a book so so so much that I just can't figure out how to put all my thoughts about it into words!

And that's exactly why it's take me so long to write the review for Shilpa Suraj's latest - 'Twilight's Temptation' even though I finished reading about a week ago. It's just a pure head rush (in the best way possible!) from start to finish - the love story of Diana the supermodel and Manav the super photographer. They're stars in their own fields, but when their paths collide as often as they do considering they are in related professions, the flame burns slowly and steadily until they are ready to create a starry world for themselves.

Shilpa weaves together an interesting, almost-Bollywoodish (in the best way possible) plot that has everything from a Goan holiday to a hospital visit, from a wedding party to explosive family drama in a wonderful manner. This really all leads up to one conclusion - when you fall in love with a person, you also take on the onus of the mental, physical and emotional baggage that they carry with them at all times and you must be prepared to handle that at all times - exactly like Manav and Diana do.

The writing is crisp and exciting - at times, it makes you want to turn the pages swiftly to see how the couple get over the latest roadblocks in their relationship and at others, makes you want to slow down to slowly savour all the emotion behind the poignant language.

All the characters in the series make an appearance in this book and have pivotal roles to play in the story - Shilpa brings out the friendship angle and the strong bond the six of them share wonderfully. But ultimately, it is Manav and Diana who keep you hooked - he brooding, charming and loyal, she sexy, sophisticated and warm. Individually - they are stars, but together, they shine brighter.
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