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Reviewed in India on 8 September 2018
There are 2 aspects of the book, let me try to explain these in my way.

First Aspect: It is true that the mind has ability to control your body & emotion. Even in situation of utter pain one can find peacewhereas another can get depress in peace feeling lonely. Technically your mind has this ability, but now the question is how you control this ability and use it in the way you want…., and the answer is by "Believe".

Once you start believing positively in something and you put all your efforts and focus to it there are far better chances of you achieving it in comparison to the person who is putting efforts but does not believe in achieving the goal.

Let’s take an example of a competitive examination which is very difficult and only very few people can pass this examination. Now, there are two portions of the mind which author has named as conscious and sub-conscious. Your conscious mind works on logical reasoning and understand things in a very practical manner, your logical mind can see this as very difficult exam as only 2% of the people clears it, every year 2 lac people gets failed in this exam and like this all sorts of logical and practical approach is being used by mind to assess the success chances you have. On the other side you have sub-conscious mind which tells you that you can make it as you have blessing of your mother, God is on your side, your religious guru has also predicted the future and confirmed that you will make it. Ultimately your sub-conscious mind gives you enough confidence to put all your efforts and focus believing that this is your destiny and you will success.

Eventually the person has more chances of clearing this exam if he uses his subconscious mind and hard work together. The author in this book has used various techniques for teaching how to program your subconscious mind so then you can artificially create this believe on, as and when required basis.

But the key to access to subconscious mind is “true” believe (not just ordinary believe) and here comes the superstition in picture. There is a very fine line between true believe and superstition. And it’s very difficult to see this fine line and manage yourself to be part of non-superstition side while strengthening your believe. Like Keep fast, donate money, perform rituals, please religious gurus to strengthen yours believe in God but wait a minute…. Aren’t these all are superstition?

Second Aspect: There are instances where author has referred to the law of attraction (from book secret of Rhonda) where he says that by only truly believing and using your subconscious mind without hard work you will be able to achieve something, and I totally disagree with this. If this would have been true than all sons of mothers would have become Bill Gates and all girls would beenmarried with the boys who had big time crush on these girls.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One which likes the idea of his life being in the divine hand of God assuming that God will always do good for him and another who does not like the idea of his life being in somebody’s else hand and they are more comfortable with the idea of their life's control in their own hand, which type are you of?
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