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Reviewed in India on 26 November 2013
Catching Fire, second book in The Hunger Games trilogy is compelling as first book if not more. It's thrilling, fast paced, action packed & pulse-pounding.

[Spoilers ahead]

The second book in the series starts off right where the first book had ended. After 74th hunger games, a rebellion has started in districts against the Capitol. In a special edition of 75th hunger games also called 'Quarter Quell' , Katniss & Peeta are once again put into the arena along with 23 other tributes. This book dwells deep into the character of Katniss Everdeen, the romance angle between her & another tribute from her district Peeta and her childhood friend, Gale. Unlike in the previous hunger games, Katniss has to save two lives with difficult opponents and more brutal challenges. This book also deals with relationships, interdependence and pride. The book is simple, easy to read and thrilling till the end. Watch out for the ending!!

[Spoilers end]

Similar to previous book, the print quality is good. Pages are of great quality & the font size is adequate & very spacious. This is book is definitely recommended to anyone who is interested in Young adult fiction.
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