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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 5 April 2021
Past is a thing that you can't outrun and will catch up to you sometime.

Only the good die young is a sequel of the book You never know. The story begins with Anuradha who has left C&M and joined Grassroots now. Dhruv comes back to her life unexpectedly and they decide to remain friends despite both having feelings for each other.

On the other had Sid, her ex and abusive boyfriend, whom she believed to be dead is back for revenge. He wants to destroy her life and make it a hell. He is now able to change his face to anyone and that makes Anuradha's world more dangerous.

The story begins with very intense event and also moves at a fast and gripping pace. It was unputdownable and I have actually finished it in ine sitting. This is a kind of a thriller where we know who the culprit is and we are worried about what he will do next. The book also has other shady characters whose motives keep the readers at edge. The character development was good especially the side characters were paid attention.

One thing though I will say is some of the actions by Sid felt unrealistic to me and there were some other areas that needed clarifications which I can't mention here because it will become a spoiler.

If you wish to read an engaging thriller then try this book for sure. No difficult language or plot complexity.

Rate 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟. 7/5
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