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Reviewed in India on 9 November 2020
🍁Is there any feeling more intense than being in love and being loved?

🍁As the title suggests, this book is all about the protagonist realising the bitter truth and accepting reality. Aahan is the lover boy , he lives with his friend Daksh. Daksh had always got Aahan's back. Aahan had the habit of stammering and Daksh was the only one who stayed with him over years.

🍁We could understand that he is not an introvert but was forced to be one. He had been in a relationship with Nainika . She left him for no reason. Aahan was heart broken and was furious to know that he had been cheated by her as she was dating his friend, Siddharth. He was reluctant to move on. He is normal until He gets a message from Nainika that she wanted to confess something. He wants to know what it is. But after knowing that she is in love with His enemy,he quits. He then, meets Tanvi, the friend of Ridhima. Daksh and Ridhima were dating. Tanvi has fallen for him. He is afraid not to fail in another relationship. He worries that he couldn't forget Nainika ! The memories he shared with Nainika were still afresh.
Daksh advices him to move on. He wants his best friend to be happy. Tanvi us ready to start a life with Aahan, she is not blaming his stammering! She takes good care of Aahan!

🍁Will Aahan forget Nainika and start a life with Tanvi?
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🍁The book was so good. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness to happiness. The author has given importance not just for love but also for friendship. There is so much travel from past to present , which was quite disturbing. Other than that it was a wonderful book💚
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