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Reviewed in India on 19 August 2019
I must say that the book is well made and beautifully written, the texts and the expressions are very clear to understand with several examples to go with.

This book not only a good book for attaining good entrepreneurial skills but also helps on over all development of a fellow as :-
1. This book is loaded with motivational content and a good read must have that.
2. The expressions and stresses on topics are clear to understand and very helpful
3. The quality of the book is exceptional at this price (*cough cough* NCERT *cough cough*)

Though this is a good book I cannot keep myself from pointing out some of its flaws :-
1. This book, will bore you to death. Even though the texts are very useful but the content is not very engaging.
2. This book heavily focuses on motivation rather than cronological steps to become successful ,which may be good or bad depending on who you ask.
3. Hill's constant mention of "infinite intelligence" becomes a bit annoying as you go through the book.

Conclusion :-
The style of writing is indeed very oldish as this book was written about a century ago so, if you are willing to go through extreme boredom and have enough will power to go through this tiny book, it has a great deal to offer.
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