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Reviewed in India on 25 March 2019
Let's face it...
1.Any phone gets obsolete after minimum 8 months.. And the average time of use may be at least a year and half... If agreed then it is highly suggested to go for the 6 GB 128 GB Storage variant to help your phone be of any relevance.
2.its high time that amazon be serious about making available and suggesting the right and approved accessories as the wrong ones make the phone look cheap (example the quality of temper glass and the suggested case)
3.The adaptive display(auto adjust of brightness according to the environment isn't that adaptive and has a mind of its own.
4.This phone is definitely not a Ahhh...Wow phone and neither a phone.
5.Definitely needs a software and technical updates to utilise the phone to its full potential.
6.Camera is Really good for someone who isn't extremely serious about cameras. Requires a bit of updates too.
7.Sound from speaker could be a teeny tiny notch better but not bad either.
8.Amoled display is extremely good and I'm doubtful that I would downgrade to a lcd display.
9.Phone has 60%Of useful apps inbuilt removing the need to depend on third party apps filled with ads(ex. Antiviral, clone apps, screen power buttons etc)
10.Samsung itself doesn't recommend the dependability on face recognition that much while initiating and neither do I suggest it as an alrnative to good old password or pattern or fingerprint.

Overall...this phone is good for moderate to frequent users and not for extreme dependent users. I'm happy with this purchase and nothing can change that.
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