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Reviewed in India on 23 February 2019
TLDR: Usage of top load detergent with front load washing machine causes faster wear and tear of clothes
1) Top load WM detergents create more lather than front load detergents
2) Excess bubbles or suds can cause damage to clothes
3) Use only front load detergents for front load WMs
4) Top Load detergents can be used for bucket washing (same method of soak)
5) Err on the side of using lower detergents in Washing Machines for longer lasting clothes. Separately wash grime areas.
During some discount festival by Amazon I had purchased this top load detergent due to hurry of claiming offer. I didn't return this even after I realised my mistake as I felt it may not make much difference. It does, and causes faster wear and tear of clothes.

Some research on detergents teaches that you shouldn't ever use excess detergent or or the wrong type of detergent on your clothes. Reason? if you don't use detergent then the only problem is dirty clothes. If you use excess detergent, problem will be early wear and tear of clothes.

Front loaders vs top loaders:
Top loader detergents are made to create much more soapiness and bubbles than front loader detergents. The reason is that front loaders do a lot more tumble and therefore lather more. They also use less water so the concentration of the soap is higher in front loaders.

Top loader washing machines typically float the clothes in water and therefore volume of water is about 25-50% volume of clothes. To create lather in this excess water volume, the detergents made for front loaders have excess soapiness.

Washing in Bucket vs front load:
Both use same method of soak and therefore the front load detergents should be ok for bucket hand wash.
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