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Reviewed in India on 19 November 2018
Three Wonder Stories gives an insight into the lives of three people who were related to August Pullman, our very own Auggie in one way or the other!

This book provides a detailed view into the life of Christopher and his friendship with Auggie. But the friendship goes through a rough phase when both gets busy in their own lives, thereby cutting off any forms of contact with each other. Although at the end, things manage to fall back in place proving every bit of the age old proverb, "All it takes is a little bit of effort" from both the sides ❤️. A feel good story which will make you smile at the end.

The Julian Chapter is narrated by Julian, the bully. That one snarkly kid who felt superior to others and was most hostile to Auggie, finding ways of torturing him throughout the session. However, one vacation with his grandma changes his whole perspective of the term "ugly".This story is truly the best of the three. This one is bound to give you some serious goosebumps at the end and may also make you cry your eyes out.

The last story is narrated by Charlotte, August Pullman's classmate who chose to maintain good relations with Auggie and refrained from taking a further step of being friends with him. Her journey was the one which I felt most relatable to. From being 'caught up' in the boy war to proudly accepting August Pullman as Auggie, she is going to make you smile throughout her story.

Totally recommended if you loved Wonder which I bet you did.
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