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Reviewed in India on 30 October 2018
@ There are thousands of reviews for this product, but surprisingly there's hardly any review explaining its performance in long run and comparing this earphones with similar ones available in market.
@ I am using these earphones since last one year and in the meantime I also happen to use JBL C100SI and Sennhesiers CX180, so I would be comparing all these 3 earphones in this review.
@ You get a " L " shaped connector in these earphones, so note that.

I am dividing this review in several subtopics directly stating my user experience and stating which is the Best earphone in that subtopic,

● boAt - Flat cables which is tangle free in true sense. Metal housing holds up good, but colour sheds off after 5-6 months. Perfect "L" shaped connector which is apt for using with laptops while resting.
● JBL - Small round cables, shredding off after 7-8 months of moderate usage. Plastic housing doing great so far.
Connector is bent, but not in perfect "L" shape, so its quite pain to use while resting.
● Sennheiser - Small round cables, holding up good after 1 year of rough use. Plastic housing has become slick, as rubber coating on it has shredded off. Perfect "L" shaped connector which is apt for using with laptops while resting.
●● WINNER- boAt 225 ●●

● boAt - comfortable enough when used while in upright position. These are VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when you use them while resting on couch or bed for watching movies or so. Has very long earphone head.
● JBL - Comfortable enough in upright position. Slightly uncomfortable using while resting, as these have offset opening.
● Sennheisers - Comfortable in both the position. These are apt for long duration usage.
●● WINNER - sennheisers cx180 ●●

CX180 > boAt 225 > JBL CS100SI

● boAt - tends to distort above 75% level of volume.
● JBL - Crystal clear even at full volume, but has least sound level in all of three.
● Sennheisers - tends to distort above 75% level of volume, but has greater sound level of all.
●● WINNER - sennheisers cx180 ●●

SOUND QUALITY ( Bass, mids & lows ) :
I noticed that all of them have almost same Mids & lows, which are strong & Crisp. But bass levels are different.
● boAt - has average bass, I am very disappointed with it, since these earphones are marketed as bassheads.
● JBL - has least bass of all, I felt treble is high in these.
● Sennheisers - ton of bass and when used proper eartips, its just a treat for bass lovers.
●● WINNER - sennheisers cx180 ●●

● boAt - I noticed in early few months, quality over call was great, but started to deplete after 5-6 months. But its still good, not as good as new. Noise cancellation is good and noticeable by person on other side.
● JBL - its quite average and has maintained the quality over a year now.
● Sennheisers - their NO microphone, lol :P
NOTE: boAt & JBL both's mics works with android and iOS perfectly.
●● WINNER - boAt 225 ●●

● boAt : 1 Year warranty. Had no issues till date, so didn't got chance to check it. But some of my friends who ran into issue had mixed experiences.
● JBL : 1 Year warranty. Had issue with one ear piece and was replaced within 2 weeks after contacting nearest service center.
● Sennheisers : 2 Years warranty. I had 2 of these and one pair stopped working after a year and half, was replaced immediately within a week after contacting nearest service center.
NOTE: I first contacted the company via mail with my product details and I was given all the required details for service. I would suggest this to all.
●● WINNER : sennheiser cx180 ●●

All the earphones have 3.5mm connector and works perfectly with both android and iOS devices.

I don't think I need to explain anything else now, since I mentioned all the points of all these earphones. To sum up, I would say boAt 225 are good, if you are going to use the mic alot and not going to use these earphones while resting on couch for watching movies. If you want mic and even want to watch movies resting, then go for JBL CS100SI. But if you want the earphones only for watching the movies and listening to songs like me, then certainly go for Sennheisers cx180.

Hope this review helps you make sound decision.
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