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Reviewed in India on 1 August 2017
I bought this laptop table for Rs 1769/-. For this price it is much too steep!

This Portronics table came in a well-packed Amazon box and a neatly packed Portronics box inside. The item was received in a neat, immaculately good condition.

The table is extremely convenient to use since the table top can be twisted and adjusted to a suitable recline in three lockable positions at a maximum gradient of nearly 45° (sufficient slant), thus making it extremely convenient to use it in bed or even atop a desk/table. Moreover, it allows height adjustment, the minimum height being 9.5 inches and maximum height being 13 inches. There are four lockable height adjustments to use as per preference.

The weight of the table is precisely 1.545 kg.

The two legs are made of light buffed tubular aluminium pieces, fixed to the table base with latchable plastic joints, screwed to the table base. The legs have white plastic unions and plastic base stubs that are neat but fragile. The legs are nearly 18 inches apart and hence one can easily place legs straight underneath the table. However, for burly/grown-up guys, sitting cross-legged with legs below the table may be a trifle difficult since one may need 26-27 inches (knee-to-knee) space.

The base of the table has a neat white plastic mesh that covers the cooling fan tucked inside the table. The wire and USB connector of the fan protrude from this base of the table.

The fan with plastic blades is tiny and works with a whimper. It is virtually soundless and produces a mild air flow to the table top to cool the laptop from beneath.

The table top is a neat piece of wood of one centimetre thickness. The wood seems to be thin but good quality. But, it does not seem to be thick and good enough for re-inserting screws if repairing is required.

The table size is 20.5 inches (length) x 12 inches (width) and is sufficient for my 11.6 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches laptops. For the 15.6 inches laptop, it is difficult to use a mouse though.

On the table top is a wire mesh neatly placed to house the fan beneath.

The table has a rubber lining that prevents the laptop/mouse to slide off and fall. There is another removable plastic scale to protect the laptop from sliding off. The table has a neat grey plastic beading/lining that protects the side rims of the table.

Overall, a very neat package and extremely convenient to use.

The plastic parts, the plastic latches, locks, legs' unions seem to be pretty fragile and delicate, and, will break with slight pressure. One needs to be very gentle with this table, especially folding its legs, raising its height and reclining the table top.

The table is not rugged and strong. It is nice, but delicate and cannot bear much weight. The plastic parts that hold the two legs are crucial and, as understood, no spares are easily available. Hence, once broken, the table may be rendered useless.

Having just two light aluminium legs (unlike 4-legged ones), the table is a bit wobbly and shaky. This is, however, manageable.

This light-weight table is priced fairly exhorbitantly and should not be more than Rs 1000/- to Rs 1,200/-. At its present price, it is not value for money.

Overall, a good buy since there aren't many laptop tables with adjustable height and reclining table tops.
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