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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 30 August 2021
I was once a total bookworm and then life happened. Distraction kicked in and I lost my reading ability due to lack of focus. After almost 15 years of my life, and various book attempts, LOST IN LOVE found me and I found it. It broke years of my Abstinence and paved a way to my heart through my eyes, mind and soul.
Arvind is such a refreshing author. But more than that he is such a tease. He starts at a very casual level and builds the right amount of tension and as we go... To me it left me asking for more...It felt like a total Tantric love affair with this book and the author. There wasn't a better book, for me to have broken my reading ABSTINENCE. Thr highs and lows are perfectly timed. No dull moments for me there..... Thank you for complimenting your readers perfectly, Arvind. You just bagged yourself a fan for life. Yours truly: N
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