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Reviewed in India on 19 May 2019
Perfect for the 2 kittens we currently have and this should be good enough for quite a while. I think the size might also work for puppies. I'd rate it 4.5 on 5, the half removed since the anti-ant feature doesn't seem to work for the type of ants we sometimes get: the larger ones. The anti-ant feature should work for the tiny ants however which i think is the more common variety of ants.

The rubberised base keeps the bowls firmly in place. The shiny steel is easy to clean and is non-sticky. I think it is good deal for the price it is being offered at.

[Tip/Quick-fix: For those who have ant issues(larger ants) like we sometimes have and avoiding ants is an important requirement, here are some tips that go along with the product:
- this product can be used in tandem with a bowl holder/tray. The smaller surface area and elevated position should help in keeping ants at bay
- Additionally a little petroleum jelly or similar material can be applied at the base of either the bowls if there is no tray, or if trays are being used, the base of the tray's legs. Ants purportedly cannot wade through petroleum jelly and would give the bowls a wide berth. ]
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