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Reviewed in India on 3 July 2018
I had stayed away from YA fantasy for a long time because everything I read started sounding the same and nothing excited me. So I was completely out of the loop when the Six of Crows duology became a revolution. It was only after seeing so many people raving about the series on bookstagram that I finally became aware of the existence of this series ( Yes,I was living under a rock 😐)
So I finally yielded to peer pressure and picked it up last month.

I was a bit nervous about it because I was not well versed in the Grishaverse and because of the hype. The initial few chapters didn’t do anything to allay my fears. But I hate dnf-ing books and decided to stick with it. And boy- oh -boy, was I glad I did that.

Eventhough there was too much of the world and the characters to get used to, once you get oriented, the book is unputdownable. The fact that it is a heist rather than a revolution, which is the norm for fantasy, made it all the more interesting.

“No Mourners.
No Funerals.”

The care with which the characters are created is evident in each and every page of the book. Eventhough I loved Kaz, Mathias, Nina, Jesper and Wylan, Inej managed to borrow a tiny corner of my heart. There are either character driven novels or plot driven novels. It is extremely rare to find a book where both the plot and the characters are both so well developed and well etched that they sweep you off your feet. Hats off to Leigh Bardugo for managing to do that with such èlan.

Everything you need, SoC has it. Humor, romance, friendships, twists, turns and lots and lots of action. It as an epic tale of complex characters, amazing word building and a gripping plot.

The hype is real people. I repeat THE HYPE IS REAL!!! It would be a crime to miss this one. Stop procrastinating!!!
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