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Reviewed in India on 28 August 2020
Book Title: Red, White and Royal Blue
Author: Casey Mcquiston
Format: Paperback
Finished: DNF (176 pages)

Book Title: The book title is appropriate to the story.
Book Cover: The cover is cute and attractive.
My review:
      I really had high hopes for RWARB based on how much the book community raved about it. I will be strictly talking about this book in the story perspective and not the political perspective. Though I do keep up with the politics around the world as much as I can, I wouldn't say I it's my favorite subject.
Coming back to the story line, I really love an M/M romance but the character fell flat for me in RWARB. Alex is the son of the president of USA and Henry is the Royal Prince are arch enemies and 15 pages into the book they fall in love? The plot is not developed and thought of. The book also talks a lot about just the political issues and there's less of romance between the protagonist.
Even the intimate scene between the two are not appropriately written. Another discrepancy I felt between the characters is that Alex despises people who are arrogant and think of themselves as above others but his character is exactly the same (irony much). I found myself skipping pages and only reading the when there were dialogues between characters. I have to admit that I did laugh when there were conversations transpiring between Alex and Henry.
If I had to pick between the two characters, I would pick Henry over Alex. I had to DNF the book at page 176. But this review is strictly based on what I felt and my opinion based solely on the story line and character development. I know that I may fall into the unpopular opinion category too.
Final Verdict
Title: 4/5
Cover: 4/5
Language and Vocabulary:3/5
Final overall rating:2 /5 
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