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Reviewed in India on 24 October 2021
" Sniffles and Smiles " by Niraja Bandi is a book which will take you to the emotional ride of the rollar coaster. It is a fictional novel yet, it will touch everyone's heart. "Life is no different than the weather. Not only is it unpredictable, but is shows us a new perspective of the world everyday." So was the life of the protagonist Bella.
Bella, was a most cheerful and a happy girl who was also her father's princess and was dearly loved by everyone in her family. But one fine day her life took a disastrous turn which made it upside down. All her happiness turned into sorrows and grief.
We are also introduced to Andrew, who is our another protagonist and was a emergency medical technician. As the story flows we found him helping Bella to recover her consciousness which she lost in the accident.
• What will happen will she able to recover?
• How will be Andrew related to Bella?
• Are there any love connections?
For finding answers of such questions do grab your copies now and go through it. You will definitely love this book.
Now, coming on the book cover, it's wonderful. The vibrant colors makes it more attractive and eye-catching. The title was very unique and well-searched. The narration was apt. I really liked the writing style of the author. It's good and reader-friendly. The characterization was strong and well-built. The story was good paced making it a short read.
Overall, it was a good read and i am really overwhelmed. I will definitely recommend. Do give a try.
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