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11 March 2019
Fastest delivery by amazon. Got it the next day.

1. Cheap and third class camera. Clicked a pic from the primary camera in a dark with a little bit of light coming from another room. Camera is not up to the mark. Even if its day, you will see pixel issue and low clarity. Secondary camera, has the same issue. After activating this phone, I got a notification to update the phone, I updated. And a couple of days ago, again I got the notification of system update. I thought that the second update may fix the pixel issue but i was wrong. Compared Samsung A7 and vivo v 15 pro camera. Samsung camera is far better than vivo camera. If you zoom a picture in vivo v 15 pro, you will able to see pixel issue and low clarity. 48 megapixels are just numbers, nothing else. Even videos are not that clear. I dont understand how people are giving 5/5 on camera quality. May be they have not checked it thoroughly. Once they will zoom they will see how disappointing the camera is.

I am worried about the pop up camera. I often do WhatsApp video calling and on every call it comes out as the front camera is located there. I am worried if it will last. :(

2. See the second pic, its a screenshot i have taken. Under lockscreen poster wallpaper, see the bug. The complete sentence is unreadable, you cant see what is written after "is" because it is unscrollable as its a software bug (during the lock screen of your phone, slide forward to the wallpapers, on top right you will see 3 dots, tap on it, go to the settings and you will see the bug. Its in every phone. I went to a vivo store to check if it is in another phone as well and yes it was there.

3. U cant set a WhatsApp profile picture directly from the gallery as there is no option to set a WhatsApp profile pic. If you need to set a WhatsApp profile picture, u need to go to WhatsApp settings and upload a picture (boring way).

4. If a contact has multiple numbers, you cant dial the second number of same contact from the dial list. You need to go to contacts and then you can dial the second number of the same contact from the contact list.

5. In file manager, if you go to WhatsApp and open the image, you cant scroll to next image. You need to go back and open the next image.

Few other cons are there. Will share soon.

Its an overpriced phone. It should be between 20k - 22k
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