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Reviewed in India on 26 October 2019
I purchased this mattress in May 2017, so it's been a good two and a half years since I'm writing this review. Despite all the good reviews, I personally think its claims to be an orthopaedic mattress is an exaggeration as it is extremely soft and spongy, and tends to sink in when we sleep over it. So you simply cannot use it for visitors who have bone aches, the very purpose it claims to be made for. Moreover, you cannot use it for any naps during pregnancy, as your waist gets heavy during the third trimester and your body will tend to sink into the mattress, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get out of the bed without someone's help. A little harder or a firm base will wonderfully solve the purpose for which it is made.
However if you have kids, they will absolutely love the mattress, and even play and bounce over it. We had two of our friend's teens sleep over it and they said it's the best mattress they've ever slept over. We now plan to use the mattress for our children.

The mattress comes in with a zip cover to it, so maintenance is easy..
I purchased it for 11,333 bucks back then, the price has now dropped to 8,874 rupees, and my personal opinion is that the price should be no more than 8k. So taking off two stars- one for an exaggerated price and one for it's orthopaedic claims.

I must note that the seller is courteous- he called me up after about two months of purchase of the mattress and asked for feedback, a good thing to do. However, he then requested me to give him a 5-star over Amazon, so that gives you a hint on how they've probably managed to get so many 5-star ratings ;).
One more note, I must appreciate the delivery agent who came in to drop the parcel. We had our lift maintenance work going on at the time he came in, and he had to climb up 5 floors (that is a total of 10 fleet of stairs!!). I missed his call, and yet he made it upstairs carrying the mattress over his shoulders! I could see he was famished by the time he reached upstairs, and yet politely refused to take a tip saying he was simply doing his job, rather requested for some plain sherbet to be served to him as he was sweating. I was astounded at his dedication, and I hope he's making a good pay somewhere.
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