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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 22 February 2021
This is a psychological thriller with a good plot. But if you don't read the first part, there are chances you'll not understand the plot and the same happened to me. I couldn't keep up with the story. I liked that narrative and the language with proper grammatical structure apart from unnecessary usage of the word "PURSED". I disliked the need to overemphasize sexual tension between the characters. There would be people loving this book for its plot, but I am not into such books. I encourage the author to write a book, and I respect his time and hard work but this book is not for an audience like mine who can't deal with infidelity. I would advise people to read the first part and then jump to the sequel.
Apart from the explicit part, it tells the tale of an Ex, who is alive only to torture. The story revolves around a female protagonist Anuradha who has an Ex named Sid. She keeps on running from her past until the past starts to haunt her. The plot is gripping but I would recommend reading the first part of the book to get into the plot.
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