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Reviewed in India on 29 January 2021
The book has a lot of relevance as it is divided into 20 small chapters. The author hopes you retain any one of these lessons in your quest of independence. I feel the book has affected my outlook but for how long I really wonder.

Largely what the book says is that there is a lot of greed in the world.
There is also a bottomless pit in us and most people should know and ascertain how much is enough.
Also if we all just invest money in a stock or an index and forget about it, there is 99% chance we shall be successful in a decade or three. But this is all easier to say than to do. Most investors can get shaky and sell. They get restless. The key is to let compounding do its own trickery.

This book also preaches saving, determining a moderate lifestyle and continuing on that irrespective of your revenue soaring. This will help you invest the gains back into other investments. It also talks about how having a cash flow is good for always being ablle to invest "when" the opportunity presents itself.


The last quarter of the book made me restless.
The stories started being uninteresting and repetitive.
I wanted the book to end.
This does not usually happen to me so I think the last quarter was tedious.

You may read it but if you miss it, that's ok too.

What other books?
"unshakeable" by Tony Robbins
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