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Reviewed in India on 7 October 2019
 I am so pleased with this inflator. It is a must have for every car out there. Out with the old bulky compressor in your garage. This is a compressor everyone can use, all it takes is two buttons its amazing. A long cord eliminates the need to unplug it each time you switch from one tire to the next. Large accurate readout display. It has different measuring units from PSI to KPA, BAR, KG/CM² which can be changed with the R button where as the pressure units can be increased or decreased with + or -. Attachments for a ball and other inflatables with 4 different nozzle types, which is a plus. Comes with a convenient zip-up storage bag, user manual and warranty card. It also has a nifty flashlight and backlight digital display in case of emergency when pumping at night. It will save you from so much trouble and money.

I got this tyre inflator and used it on the same day. I drive Hyundai i20 elite, and all my tyre's were down to 2 to 3 psi because of the temperature changed with the season. This plugged into the cigarette lighter and I easily changed to PSI with R button and set the 33.0 desired pressure. Snap the nozzle on, hit the start button and away it goes.
From 26.5 to 33.0 in about 45 seconds. All the tyre's were stopped at 33.0 PSI, I'd rather have them a touch high than low, and they are all the same. Immediately checked with a digital tyre pressure gauge that I know and got the same readings. Put the unit into its little storage pouch and done.

->The pump is quick and powerful
->Just select the PSI you want and hook up to valve stem. Easy!
->The pump is small enough to stash under a seat or put in trunk with the spare (rare in new cars these days)
->Overall design and construction is more than impressive for the price
->Excellent value for a versatile air pump that handles tyre's, pool inflatables, and sporting equipment (includes a variety of specialty connectors)
->24 Months warranty (Most of others inflators comes with only 12 Months Warranty)

It does not come equipped with an AC adapter so you can't use it outside the cord length of your car cigarette lighter unless you purchase a separate adapter for 220v house outlets.

This is MUCH better than my old method of getting the air compressor and Tyre gauge out, guessing how much, checking, fill some more, check, let some air out, check again. That caused me to ignore the tyre's except for twice a year. Now it'll be a monthly thing. Definitely worth the money... Versatile, portable and nearly automatic inflation to desired pressure with auto shut-off.
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