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Reviewed in India on 12 June 2020
1. These bluetooth headset comes with LDAC bluetooth codec capable of transmitting 960 kbps bitrate songs. But note that those songs are not your average mp3 format songs. You will need FLAC or WAV format of songs which are either chargeable or very few songs available to download from torrent. Only then you can enjoy the full capability of these oppo enco m31.
2. No doubt they sound better than any base centric earphones. They have titanium drivers which speaks quality.
3. The battery life is based on what you listen to, if you going to download those high bitrate songs which are nearly 25 ot 30 mb size then only keep the LDAC option switched on in bluetooth settings. Otherwise no use. Note: people with no knowledge about audio straight can buy oneplus wireless z since they only provide good battery life.
4. The battery life is 9 hrs continuous (mp3 format 320 kbps audio) with LDAC it should give you near about 6 to 7 hrs.
5. The build is as good as OnePlus. Not necessary the wires need to be thick to be good in quality. Misconception. EVERY BLUETOOTH HEADSET SHOULD BE USED WITH CARE ELSE BUY WIRED EARPHONES.
5. Please burn your drivers before concluding the sound quality for atleast 2 to 3 days.
6. Call quality is as good. Nothing around 5k will give you pindrop background noise cancellation. So expect certain high pitch background noise to infiltrate. Oneplus wireless Z has a mic a little bit higher on the earphone wire makes no difference. It's hardly 1 or more half inch close to mouth which practically makes no sense.
7. The earphones fit so good. I've never tried anything better in my life. You can even sleep side ways wearing in-ear earphones. This is a dream come true.
8. Charging port is open. Should have been covered with some rubber clip at the least. No idea how will this age, only time can tell.
9. Do select a proper size buds for yourself, only then you will enjoy the real experience.
10. Don't wait for your battery to fall 10%. Charge it when it's near 30% upto 90%. This way you can keep your battery healthy and long lasting.
11. Base boost mode is good. But only turn on if you are in that zone of listening to just a few bass heavy songs or when your outdoors and can't pay attention to real instruments in background. Else balance mode is perfectly tuned.
12. Just like OnePlus wireless Z even oppo enco m31 has quick switch. You'll need to press volume -/+ together to switch between your 2 devices.
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