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Reviewed in India on 19 October 2016
The first book in the series was interesting. For the first time I thought we have somebody from India whom could write a book that contains all the elements that make for a thriller. The name Mahabharata is enough to draw the attention of an average Indian. There was a feel of nostalgia of the glorious past and the spine chilling conspiracy of modern terrorism. But with the sequels coming up along the same lines, it is kind of becoming monotonous and boring. The current book Secret of the Druids becomes a drudgery towards the end. The association with the celestial weapon from the Mahabharata era builds up an air of thrill and suspense. You get engrossed more and more. But as the story proceeds, you tend to realise that the atmosphere of suspense and excitement is getting drowned amidst hurried up description of the sites, chambers etc. And when you get to know that the celestial weapon was the thunderbolt or the Vajra, you feel cheated. The description of how the weapon might have worked, though has been researched, but badly presented. An average reader without a science background will end up confused. A further sequel of this, unless written with some more research and a vivid description, would be a flop.
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