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Reviewed in India on 24 July 2020
A book which talks about the female mythological character which is super underrated.
A book which talks about the intelligence of women and how they actually wanted to be a scholar and not just a wife to a husband, or a sister to a brother, or a daughter to a father.
A book which talks about Ahalya, the most beautiful woman of all times, the woman created by Brahma himself, desired by King of Gods, Indra, the most intelligent woman of all times indeed and the woman whom every man wanted with lustful eyes but only one could win her heart who was none other than, Rishi Gautam.
But, she was also the woman who was cursed by her own husband.
Why did this happen?
What could have been the circumstances that led to this disaster of a situation?
Let us talk about the book and how much I absolutely loved it and the Author who is letting readers discover more about the unspoken mythological female characters.

Kavita Kané is a former journalist and the bestselling author of five books. She is considered a revolutionary force in Indian writing because she has brought in feminism where it is most needed—mythology. Her five novels are all based on women in Indian mythology: Karna’s Wife (2013); Sita’s Sister (2014), on Ramayana’s most neglected character, Urmila; Menaka’s Choice (2015), on the apsara, Menaka; Lanka’s Princess (2016), on the female antagonist in the Ramayana, Surpanakha; and The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty (2017) on Satyavati, the grand matriarch in the Mahabharata.
After a career of over two decades in Magna and DNA, Kavita quit her job as assistant editor of Times of India to devote herself to writing novels full-time. With a post-graduate degree in English literature as well as in journalism and mass communication, the only skill she has, she confesses, is writing.
Passionate about theatre, cinema and art, she is also a columnist, a screenplay writer and a motivational speaker, having given several talks all across the country in educational and research institutes, corporate and management fora and literary festivals.
Born in Mumbai, with a childhood spent largely in Patna and Delhi, she currently lives in Pune with her mariner husband, Prakash, their two daughters, Kimaya and Amiya, two dogs Chic and Beau, and Cotton, the uncurious cat.

I searched all these years for myself—and I only found Ahalya, the woman I was supposed to be born as: unblemished, without any faults. I had no hala in me, no sin, no crime, no guilt. What I had done was to respond to the call of life within me…’
Ahalya. Created by Brahma; married to one of the greatest rishis of all time; desired by the king of gods, Indra. A woman maligned and cursed.
But who was Ahalya? What did she want? Did she have ambitions and desires?
In this sparkling retelling of the well-known legend, bestselling author Kavita Kané draws out the voice of a character that lacked one—even before she was turned to stone. Tracing her journey from a precocious child, to a studious and sheltered princess, to the loving wife of Rishi Gautam, Ahalya’s Awakening delves into the mind of a woman who yearns to control her own destiny. In her tale lies the story of every woman, even today.

The cover of the book is magnificent.

The title of this book is the most appropriate.

There are many characters in the book including, Ahalya, the protagonist, Divodas, her brother, her parents, Indra who has a very important role to play in the story, Rishi Gautam and several other Rishis, Sachi, the demon princess.
Every character has an important role to build up the story and take it to the next level and keep the readers hooked with the story.

So, this story is based on Ahalya’s life and all that happens in the journey of being a scholar as she wanted to be, what she goes through in life and ultimately is popularized as the woman who was cursed by her own husband, which we get to know eventually as the story takes us through her life.

I recommend this book to everyone out there who are even 1% interested in Mythology because, you are definitely going to love it and there’s no harm getting to know about the female characters who were so strong yet are not talked about by most of us.
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