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Reviewed in India on 16 May 2021
My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2
Type: Contemporary Romance Fiction
Primary Characters: Narmada & Yash
Narration: Limited third party

Kasi’s books have always been a wonderful entertainer. When I saw the early release alert and read the blurb, I was ready to unearth this box and see what’s in store. This book exceeded my expectation. It was a relaxed delightful light entertainer.

Even though title suggest its dark, I didn’t see any amount of darkness in that. This book starts exactly as described in blurb. Narmada has built a company with her late husband. To keep company to herself, she has to keep up with Chastity clause. A night of passion with the darkly handsome stranger is supposed to be her secret. Now after a month, she is introduced to him as her company’s new owner.

She hates him with every fiber of her being for using her to get her company. She is smart, sensitive, matured and exuberant girl. Yash is more of silent, brooding type. He is neither totally black nor white, which is always good. Narmada is aware that Yash has ulterior motive other than taking her company. What is his ultimate motive? How will that affect Narmada’s life and family? Is she ready to pay the price?

Author has done an awesome job of describing lead characters’ emotions in her writing, from lust to anger- its portrayed well. I liked how Narmada acts matured and doesn’t give in or think only with libido. She understands the power she holds and uses it well. The only thing I disliked is some initial chapters of lead characters one meeting instance which was repetitively told in different POV. The majority of the book is predictable, but still the plot captures your attention till the very end. Language is nice and simple. I liked some of the secondary characters. Supriya is amazing. Aryan and Bhargava are intriguing.

Overall a gripping tale of love in her own unique style. If you are in mood for Indian Romance, then pick it up and enjoy.
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4.5 out of 5
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