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Reviewed in India on 15 March 2017
It's perhaps Impossible to cover every possible exercise from time immemorial to the current times where a lot of new equipment and stuff is coming out which is also changing the exercise routines. But.... that isn't the best feature of this book at all.

The First best feature of any Workout Literature is to detail the BASIC form of any exercise and suggest variations to that, which the Reader would then understand in accordance with today's changing Dynamics. In that way, if Arnold's Bodybuilding Encyclopedia is a Gold Standard, this book is almost at it's level in suggesting the varieties of exercises per muscle group that can be done.

Frankly, even this isn't it's best part.

The Second and perhaps the Best Feature of this Book is:
i) The Anatomy of each exercise, the muscles it affects, with colour codings, showing the reader where the primary pressure is felt and the secondary+tertiary+other muscle groups that are effected IN THE PROCESS is simply awesome. I've been on the look out for a book like this and this one is something which I will ALWAYS refer, time irrespective
ii) The INJURIES that are possible, by weight lifting. I haven't read many books in this section, so maybe I might have been carried away by this book's contents, but there simply is NO denying the fact that the way Injuries occur and the ways to PREVENT them that are highlighted in this book is Phenomenal and something which I haven't come across anywhere so far. YouTube videos would perhaps be more detailed but it you want it in readable format, then this book is the one to go for, eyes closed.
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