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Reviewed in India on 4 January 2017
Terrible IFB service. The microwave wasn't heating food. The service person opened it up and claimed fuse blew away because magnetron blew up. That is a funny cause-effect relation! Next day he came to replace both and I insisted for first replace just fuse. After replacing fuse he powered it up without putting the back cover and ran the microwave dry with nothing inside. I had to forcibly intervene and stop it. He was foolishly claiming it is ok to run it dry. I put water inside and it heated up debunking his "blown magnetron" theory (for which he planned to charge me Rs.3000). He put the cover and screws back on, and again ran dry and even claimed he can feel the heat and it is working. The moron didn't know ABC of microwave and claimed 7 years experience.

This was second service call to IFB. The first one needed cavity replacement and it was horrible experience. They took 2weeks to do it and that too after making raising a hue and cry with state level management of IFB. When customer service said the case is allotted to a different guy (RISHI SOLUTIONS, Hyderabad) I was relieved only to be left astonished by IFB's audacity to send an utterly unqualified fool.
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