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Reviewed in India on 23 December 2016
I think luvlap wipes can be the cheapest solution if you are trying to find prime quality wipes in reasonable prices.
1. Exactly same size as littles, meemee & Johnson ( you can see the picture I uploaded on littles or meemee review to verify)
2. Luvlap has similar talcum fragrance as Johnson but very mild.MeeMee & little also have an okay fragrance. This shouldn't bother you if you are using it for potty cleaning.
3. Comparatively thinner than all wipes but not noticible difference and you waste same number of wipes despite of them being thick or thin.
4. Local Indian brand but pack looks good & branded at least better than littles pack.
5. My personal advice only use Johnson for newborn upto 3 months. Any skin issue in newborn baby grows rapidly, so better stick to Johnson.
6. All wipes claims to be alcohol free and enriched with alovera & vitamin E but luvlap goes further with a claim "paraben free". Paraben is a preservative used commonly in cosmetics, moisturizer & deodrent to increase shelf life and some believe it causes cancer but no official confirmation from FDA.

How to Fix the Sticking Tape Issue & its Reason :
All of the baby wipes which comes with a sticking tape to open/close the pack loses their stickiness till the pack reaches 50% resulting in dryness of remaining wipes. We curse the manufacturer for the issue but infact when we are pulling the wipes with one hand, they rub against the opening and the moisturiser from wipes after several rubs makes the sticker non sticky.
Fix :
Take off however many wipes you need in advance carefully pulling them vertically (without rubbing the surrounding area) and re seal the pack.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope you read something useful !

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