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2 September 2018
I ordered two helmets : Vega Cliff helmet ( M size ) and Steelbird Adonis ( L size ) . My head measured between 58-59 cms so I was very confused which size to select. After refering to size charts on their websites and reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon and watching videos on YouTube, I decided to purchase two different sized helmets from two different brands to try them out. My helmets came to me after 4-5 days in good packaging and after unboxing I checked their manufacturing dates which showed " Manufactured on Jul- 18 ".
Now let's get to comparison part.
1. Weight :
a) Vega Cliff : 900 +/- 50 grams ( I think since
this is a latest manufactured product, the
weight has increased a bit.)
b) Steelbird Adonis : 950 +/- 20 grams
( Theoretically, Adonis should be heavier
but surprisingly it feels little lighter )
2. Padding :
a) I feel that the padding on Vega Cliff is
better with better padding for cheek
portion but padding for the head part
is similar.
3. Shell Quality :
a) Both the shells feels pretty sturdy but
personally I feel that the Adonis feels
little more sturdier.
4. Visor Quality :
a) Both have good visors with good view but
they are not fog proof which is expected
in this price range.
5. Lock Mechanism :
a) Vega Cliff helmet has shorter belt-lock
mechanism and there's not enough
material to adjust the length which
chokes my throat a bit. But there's no such
problem on Adonis helmet.
6. Additional points :
a) The chin portion on Adonis helmet covers
most of the chin and mouth but there's a
plastic smell to it which may irritate you in
the beginning but will diminish with
b) Vega Cliff fits me perfectly ( snug fit ) while
Adonis feels a little loose but wearing
balaclava can help to get that snug fit.

Overall I can say both the helmets are pretty good for their price. But regarding the size issue, I think face shape and other head dimensions are also important in determining the right size for you. In my case even though my head length suggests that I should go for L size but M size fits me perfectly. So I suggest you to try multiple helmets.But guys please these helmets are no way for highway or touring purposes.
Thank you for reading and I hope it helps.
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