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Reviewed in India on 25 February 2019
I have been complaining about the product from the time, I have purchased the product i.e June 2018. Whenever I use the Convection mode for cooking any item,the problem is the same.
In between the time frame for any menu in Convection mode (i.e. Chicken roast menu,etc),when I want to check the cooking status/progress of the food items. So need to take out the food item from the microwave to check the same. Even when I open the door of the microwave oven, the oven does not stop. Fans & Lights are on. Even the tray is rotating. Ideally the microwave should stop,when I open the door in between the process. But it does not. So i feel, its very risky.

So I have stopped using the convection mode.
But stopping to use a function of the product, I purchased. Is this a solution???

Complained many times, still the customer support could not help. They say its normal.
I feel IFB Microwave are just pathetic. I would never suggest any one to purchase IFB mirowave.

My sister uses Convection Samsung microwave, its good. She does not have this problem.
I will never in my life use IFB products

Can someone help??
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