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Reviewed in India on 21 September 2018
Dear Mom,

Thank you for this new book you got for me, Goodnight stories for rebel girls. How am I ever going to get through it? You normally get me dolls, toys and dresses on my birthday! Why didn't you get me a dress? I don't like reading! On second thought, maybe i should try it. The pages are quite nice and there seem to be a lot of photos so maybe i'll read it fast.
It's been a week since I got this book. It seems pretty neat. And not just the photos! Just got introduced to Ada Lovelace. She seems like a Kamala aunty in 1850 London. She likes mathematics mama! Did they teach maths to girls back then? I even went to the internet to search about her. Supposedly she wrote the first program for that Charles Babbage machine that we all use, the computer. (Doesn't papa also do the same these days?). I hate my maths teacher, but maybe i should get through those classes if I want to be like her.
I've been reading this book on and off. Each story is so different! I'll tell you about my favorite one so far. Amelia Earhart. She seems to be straight out of a movie! You know all those action movies that you and papa watch, with the pilots flying into an adventure? I thought you need to be big and strong to fly, but Amelia looks quite cute.
Just finished this book. Thanks so much for buying it. No more dolls for me. I want to be like Rita Levi. She studied the brain you know, and even got a nobel prize for it. So brainy. I'm sure she didn't play with dolls when she was young! Never mind heroes, I think I've found my real life heroine.

PS: Also, buy me more books... if they are like this, i'm sure i'll love them.
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