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15 November 2018
Before the start of the review i would like to express my heartfelt thanks to both Amazon support and their delivery team to help me keep my promise to my sister. The earbuds were a gift for her but when i ordered the delivery date was after she left. When i contacted the support team, they assured that they will look into it and true to their word, i received the product well before.
Now on to the review:
1) Sound: Very crisp and well balanced. It has a thumping bass and balanced high and lows not like other earbuds which will make you deaf at full volume.
2) Connection: Very strong and stable connection but sometimes loses connection in a dense magnetic areas, like places having several wifi stations closeby. Not a big issue though. Just put the earbuds in their case for few seconds and use again without worry
3) Battery Life: Just as specified. 3-4 hours on single charge and use the charging case for another 9 charges. The case takes about 3 hours to fully charge and the earbuds takes about an hour or so to fully charge. You can get about an hour of use with 15 mins of quick charge. It also can be used to charge your phone as well which is advantage
4) Design: Have a rubber coating overall which makes it repellant to water but attracts oily prints very easily.
1) The buttons are very stiff which makes changing the tracks very difficult as you have to long press the buttons to change the tracks. While changing the tracks, sometimes the earbuds tends to go inside your earlobes which makes it bothersome to use. Found changing the tracks from the phone directly easier. Plus there is no way to control the volume as well.
Things i would have liked:
1) Buttons to be a bit soft to use.
2) Instead of double pressing to activate Google, it would have been better to use it to skip tracks and long press to change volume
3) Voice prompt while connecting or while receiving a call
P.S: The review is based on my one week personal use before my sister took it away with her.
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