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Reviewed in India on 1 December 2019
Who writes a 500 page (at least I think it is 500 or so, the ebook stopped counting at 406, every page after that was 406) book with 200 chapters? The plot was interesting enough but the book is terrible.

Each scene lasts only a few pages, sometimes not even that, and it doesn't even finish! It ends in a cliffhanger each time. By the time the incident is referenced again you've forgotten all about it. And it's made worse by the fact that there are scenes for minor characters and small incidents. There's unnecessary details where there need not be and no details when there should.

A few years ago I had tried to read The Rozabal Line and given up after a few pages because the story kept flitting back and forth in time and place without fleshing out any scene fully. It was annoying as hell to read. I was hoping his story telling would have improved by now so decided to give it a shot. Plus I got to read it for free on prime reading so why not? Nope, still the same.
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4.2 out of 5
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