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20 November 2018
"Under the spreading Chestnut tree,I sold you and you sold me"-1984 by George Orwell

The protagonist Winston is outer party member who edits and writes articles and also forges the data of past. He doesn't like the party much and rebbellion against them. Also he falls in love with another party member Julia. This would get both in trouble with the party. The main principle of the party is totalitarian where it has complete control over their personal and professional lives. And there no party or rebbellion against the party.Their thought process and day to day movement are kept track of even at their homes. Anyone going against the party ideals are arrested in by thought police and taken off all the government records. Winston is been tracked down for seven long years and has been arrested.What happens to him and Julia makes the rest of the story

When I started reading , the initial few pages were boring ,but towards the second half of the story I was totally moved and taken away. What is point of life where there is no individuality in a person and are treated like machines. For the sake of power and they made people never understood the reality by making the people live in an illusion.
A life with emotions towards other people, freedom and your own uniqueness make it more worthwhile and enjoyable. Just to have hold of power of ruling the country by changing the ideals of people in line makes me sad
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