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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 23 March 2022
I remember writing a glorious review of the first book- Forbidden. I loved Aarav Raichand in the book. And never in a million years did I imagine they get another book. Why though??! The first ended on such good note that reading the blurb left a unhappy feel in my gut- call it a premonition that this will ruin the first book for me.

It could have had any new characters in place of Aarav and Jhanvi. But I understand the author wanting to spend less time on the character evolution and the specifics- you and just directly delve into the plot because the audience are already aware of the personalities of the lead. The glitch is, even with so much of background story, the book is still awfully long! Like a 150 pag extra long. Tight editing would have helped its cause.

The plot is ever predictable. I still don't understand the need for a second book though. It baffles me completely. And the villain was pretty boring. I could help laugh out loud when there was a single chapter with the villain's POV. Completely unnecessary.

I dont know if I like the Aarav and Khushi here. I still can't make up my mind. Every line I read I remember the older versions and it was very difficult to like these guys.

All in all, an average read, okay ish, if its not for the length!! Editing please.
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