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Reviewed in India on 21 February 2019
Maharashtra state has issued a plastic ban and I was looking out for options particularly for my wet dustbin, when I came across this product.

1. As claimed it seems to have all the credentials to couch for its biodegradability! When I enquired with the seller on these credentials I was supplied the below info which seems quite impressive-
(A). CIPET , Chennai (Report No 54563, 22-08-2017)
(B). Symphony Environmental Product Testing Laboratory, UK (Report No 6284, 01-09-2015)
(C). EnerPlastics Advance Laboratory, UAE (EPAL3622017, 08-11-2017)
2. Oxo bio-degradable plastic is better than compostable plastic. 'Compostable Garbage Bags' which degrade only in Industrial / Home Composting Environment. On the contrary these 'Oxo Biodegradable Garbage Bags' degrade in open Landfill / littering condition which is a majority case in India.
3. Biodegradable Bags are acceptable inline to Maharashtra Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 2006 clause 2 (h) and also have been exempted from ban vid GR Plastic-2018 C.R. No.24 TC-4 , Clause 3 (3) (ii) - so this product is definetely a blessing for all who stay in Maharashtra!
4. Overall I loved the lightning response of the seller on such queries of compliance
5. Provides an alternative to harmful plastic which is banned here - it's a saviour!
6. Length of the bag seems OK but I could have liked, if there was a size bigger available, but they dont have one!
7. Easily rolled so convenient to use. Comes with a carton box which doubles up as a storage box!

1. It feels quite thin by the feel of it. Makes you wonder if it can take the load of wet garbage and not leak out. When I laid it on the floor the thinness was such that the static generated caused it to stick to the floor- see pic
2. All the logos on the plastic about compliance is OK - see pic, but for one, it has Gandhi's spectacles with the title of swach bharat! Not sure if it's ok to have it on a garbage bag!

Update post 1 month of use-
1. Strength is undeniable. Holds wet and dry garbage. No leakages.
2. Can carry wet garbage in the bag, from my dry balcony (where my dustbin is) right to the main door without any tearing, seeping or leakage. Fit for purpose !

Update post 2 months of use-
1. As you reach the flag end of the plastic roll, we realized that there are no perforations and the roll is open from both ends. Big question mark on quality - HENCE DROPPING OVERALL RATING TO 3 STAR from 4!
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