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Reviewed in India on 30 January 2020
dude you are epis so damn cool great your books even better bro i should comment i like nether kiten more than wimpy villager and pls realease record of aetheria O and my idea is

Name: Halagaz
bravness:7 might increase or decrease later on
class:illusionist 2
void mage 3 pls.pls let me be a void mage

Abilities:Winznivis III the ultimate invisiblity
:Flying kick
ult . rage of Ao
pls add rest of abilitis to the move of illutionist and void mage pls at least 4 more abilities plsss
eye color :storm grey
hair color :not known as he wears a black hood over his head and neaver back
skin tone:light

Armor: hood of daimons , cloak of oblivion(black) , staff of serapis(frost damage) elvenstone boots (swiftness IV)
tagline:I will not rest until all monsters are vanquished

pls make this work i have always wanted to be a charecter i your books
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